Rallye is an adventure driving sport where you play the role of a rally driver. This game involves a vehicle that must be driven in order to perform tricks, and this can include anything from a small car to a big truck. Rallying is done through stages that are set to varying difficulties. There are also some obstacles in the stages which require your vehicle to work harder in order to complete them. The player earns points during each stage and if they hit an obstacle or a wall without colliding with anything, they get deducted from their total score.

The game has a very realistic racing formula which involves racing through a rally track which is like an oval with ramps and bends. Players must use the turn signals in order to guide their cars through the course. Once they have passed through a corner, the drivers can take their chance at making it to the finish line. The Rallye Car Rally is designed for adult players as well as children. If you are a first time player, it is important that you play the game using the demo version of the game before you play the real version.

One of the most popular types of cars used in this game is the Hellcat. The Hellcat is one of the fastest rally vehicles available and it has been designed especially for speed. The most powerful engine in the game is the 6.2 liter HHO formula which delivers more power than the 6.4-liter engines. This makes the Hellcat the fastest rally car. The car is fully automatic so you do not have to work hard to accelerate or decelerate.